4 Reasons Katie Couric Loved Interviewing Sarah Jessica Parker for “InStyle”
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For our February cover story, on newsstands Friday, the one and only Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Jessica Parker—and had a blast doing it! Over a light meal (Parker had yellowtail sashimi; Couric tea), the two talked about Parker’s new shoe line for Nordstrom, SJP, Katie’s upcoming wedding, the challenges of being a woman in charge, and the possible resurrection of SATC‘s Carrie (yes please!). The interview reads like a casual, intimate chat between two BFFs—perhaps because they are, in fact, longtime pals. What did Couric enjoy most about her time with her good friend? Lots of things, but these are her top four:

1. “I love that she isn’t afraid to leave the house without a stitch of makeup.” When Parker arrived for their lunch date, she told her friend, “Today I look a little raggedy. I was taking the subway and picking up the kids from school.” To which Couric replied, “You look comfortable.”

2. “When you have a conversation with her she really listens.” In fact, Couric writes that Parker is “even more interested in you than showing how interesting she is.”

3. “She’s unfailingly polite.” The first thing Parker tells her good friend? “Why do you look so good? I guess because you’re happy. You look so great!”

4. “There’s nothing manufactured about her or her image.” In the February issue, Parker tells Couric how she chooses clothes because she responds to them, not in the hopes of landing on some best-dressed list (though she often does). “So I think pulling it off or not puling it off, that almost doesn’t exist for me because, really, I’m looking for experiences, not some report card,” she said.)

For more of Couric’s interview with the actress, pick up the February issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Friday, Feb. 10.

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Source – InStyle