Cynthia Nixon is ‘Unsure’ About More “Sex and the City”
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Cynthia Nixon isn’t as confident as others might be about more Sex and the City films. But then again, she admits she never is.

“Who knows, who knows?,” the actress tells Zap2it about again reprising her Emmy-winning portrayal of Miranda Hobbes, following Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent hint of another possible chapter. “I go about my life, and if there’s going to be another story that Michael Patrick King writes and directs, that’ll be great. And if not, we’ve had a wonderful run.”

Indeed, having chalked up six HBO seasons and two movie spinoffs, Nixon reflects her run with the franchise has been “amazing. It’s nice that the thing you’re most famous for is something you’re so proud of. Some people can get recognized for something they might feel lukewarm about, though it’s popular. I’m proud that ‘Sex and the City’ was both wildly popular and wildly good.”