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You can now read the article of Sarah and Hugh Grant on Entertainment Weekly’s Website. We have posted it here for your entertainment pleasures. If you have this issue and wouldn’t mind scanning it for us, please leave a comment. I am trying to find the issue, but for some reason I can not. Hopefully we will have scans soon.

EW: Sarah Jessica, this is the third film director Marc Lawrence and Hugh have worked on together. Was there any hazing involved when you entered the picture?

Sarah Jessica Parker They were very hospitable. If there was a hazing process, it was very subtle.
Hugh Grant She was allowed to eat lunch at the same table, but not [right next to us].
Parker And certainly not the same quality of food. That’s true. I also had to call him Mr. Grant for a long time. But I liked that.
Grant Yes! Or ”sir.”

EW: Everyone has on-set quirks. What are yours?

Grant She likes to be doing her BlackBerry all the time. During takes. I’ve never seen BlackBerrying like it.
Parker Yours was smaller, so it was less obvious.
Grant I need to be cheered up, but she’s very good at that. I’m Mr. Grumpy Pants. She’s never grumpy. Except that one day she got grumpy.
Parker Hugh sets the table like, ”I’m grumpy. I’m difficult. I’m gloomy. I’m bitter.” Maybe bitter is not a word you use…
Grant Actually not. Thank you.
Parker I don’t think any of it is true. You’re the guy who says, ”I’m bad at Trivial Pursuit” and then wins. ”I don’t know anyone’s names,” and then he goes and tests me to see how many crew members’ names I know — and he knows just as many. He lived up to and far exceeded my hopes and dreams.
Grant It’s very nice to hear it from her. I’m very proud of liking her because I don’t like anyone. I’m also very proud of respecting her because there are very few people I respect. In New Mexico [where they were filming Morgans] I would watch Sex and the City every night and call her and say, ”I love this episode!”

EW: Sarah Jessica, does it feel strange to be thinking about this movie when you’re so immersed in being Carrie Bradshaw again?

Parker This is so much more relaxing. I feel in some way I know this situation better than whatever madness we’ve been experiencing on the streets for the last 10 days. There’s just so much peripheral stuff with that movie.

EW: You mean the paparazzi around Sex and the City?

Parker It drives me crazy. It’s just very hard to get a day’s work done and concentrate. But, you know, what are you gonna do?
Grant All of New Mexico was completely pap-free.

EW:How else was filming in New Mexico different?

Grant I was so charmed by the middle of America. I’d never seen anyone in a cowboy hat. I was fascinated. And I thought we both handled Bart [the bear] very well.
Parker We were told not to look into Bart’s eyes.
Grant All you saw was death. Evil and death.

EW: Ever want to be one of those actors who bans crew members from looking in your eyes?

Parker I’ve wanted to say that.
Grant I’m very interested in Sarah Jessica’s eyes.

EW: How would you and the crew amuse yourselves out there when not filming?

Grant Assassin. Fantastic game. It goes on for days.
Parker You were given a Polaroid of the person you’re meant to kill, and when you kill them you get the Polaroid of their intended victim. The first day at lunch Hugh killed three people within the first 10 minutes. And then I think you were killed.
Grant Yes, I was. It was an orgy of blood. She was killed by a [crew member] who used to be special ops in Afghanistan.

EW: And yet you were still able to complete the movie.

Grant There’s a kind of hysteria that comes with a lack of sleep. We got quite giggly. [Costar] Mary Steenburgen is the most appalling giggler.
Parker It is unbelievable. Her first day!
Grant It’s vaguely funny for the crew the first time you crack up during a take. By the 15th take they want to kill you because they want to go home.
Parker [Jokingly] We smoked a lot of pot right before that scene.
Grant We smoked a lot of pot.