Livestream: Sarah Jessica Parker in Conversation with Jonathan Tisch
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Hey everybody! I just wanted to give everybody a reminder that Sarah Jessica Parker is taking part in a livestream interview with Jonathan Tisch at 92Y On Demand. You can read an overview of the event below and can view the livestream tonight 7:30 PM EST — 9:00 PM EST on 92Y On Demand’s website.

As Carrie, the fashion-forward star of “Sex and the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker created a way of dressing, talking and living that was emulated by millions of women.

She transformed the way we talk about sex, think about friendship and feel about shoes. Jonathan Tisch joins the award-winning actress, producer and style icon for an in-depth discussion about her life and work—from her simple beginnings growing up in Ohio, to her Broadway childhood, her career as an award-winning actress, her business savvy and her newly launched line of shoes, handbags and trench coats.