More Exclusive SATC2 Details Revealed
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I’m so sorry things have been slow here these past couple of days. Unfortunately Sarah has not been heard of lately, but hopefully that will change soon.

In the mean time, Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte in Sex and the City 2 has revealed some new details of the film. Check it out:

1. The second film is “bigger” than the first

Uh, what exactly did Kristin mean by that hint? We’re not quite sure either because all she would say was that “everything” is bigger (except the wardrobe: see #4 for more on that). So do with that what you will, “Sex” fiends.

2. The runtime on the sequel will not be as epic (read: long) as the first one

“The last movie was also ‘big’ in terms of length, it was kind of like a saga in ‘Sex and the City,’ Josh noted, to which Kristin immediately chimed in with: “Oh no. This one is not going to be that long. It’s like condensed soup.” So every minute will be meaty, then, right? “Yes! And different, and adventure and rich, and like, there’s music involved.” Music, eh? We hope that doesn’t mean the girls are going to break out into song and dance while walking along 5th avenue. That would just be so, so wrong.

3. For some unknown reason, the cast has been working well into the night

“We were shooting last week — and pretty much for the two weeks before that — nights. All night,” she recalled. “Now, we were not doing a night exterior, but that’s how many hours we needed to get these certain things done that when it comes out, you’re going to know what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you right now: except to say that they are HUGE scenes with like hundreds of people in them!” There she goes being mysterious again!

4. Costume designer Pat Field worked hard … but not as hard as she did the first time around

Sarah Jessica Parker may have had 81 costume changes alone in the first film, but the rotating door on her closet (and on the rest of the girls’) has since slowed down. “There were more costume changes in the first one, than there are in the second one,” Kristin dished.