New Details Surrounding Sex and the City Sequel Revealed
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We have some new details involving Sex and the City 2. Check it out:

Sex and the City filmed at the Empire Hotel in NYC for 18 hours on Monday. Guests of the hotel caught a glimpse of with character Smith Jarrett’s new film posters. It looks like an epic war film shot in the desert where he’s carrying a small boy to safety.

Insiders tell Hollyscoop that the entire cast (sans Charlotte) was present and they were filming what looked like the after-party to Smith Jarrett’s newest blockbuster film. There were about 200 well-dressed extras and the cast was dressed to the nines. Samantha was in a sexy below-the-knee, silver body hugging number with a cream wrap. SJP was in an elegant floor length, black dress with a egg-shell colored wrap, and Chris Noth was in a grey suit.

You can tell Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker really enjoy working together. They have good chemistry off the set – talking and laughing in between scenes being shot in the lobby of the Empire Hotel.

Chris Noth is definitely the jokester on the Sex and The City set. In between scenes shot at the Empire Hotel on Monday, he was chatting with cast and crew and making everyone laugh. He was constantly making jokes, making fun of Michael Patrick King and SJP and really keeping the mood light.

At one point in the shoot, someone crashed something on the ground and Chris pointed at one of the directors and said “He does this all the time – he did it on purpose…” with a grin.

Penelope Cruz was there too. Rumor has it she stars with Smith in the movie. Apparently, Miss Cruz’s role finds her flirting with Mr Big at a premiere afterparty with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw character getting a bit jealous.