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June 27 2008
Ivy Grows on Sarah Jessica Parker
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There is a possible new project for Sarah:

Now that Sarah Jessica Parker’s Big moment is behind her, it’s time to start thinking about her post-Sex life.

The actress who never met a funny hat she didn’t like is in talks to star in The Ivy Chronicles, a dramedy about a single gal making her way in New York.

If that sounds a little too familiar, this time around Parker would play newly divorced mom Ivy Ames, who loses her high-powered job and has to give up her uptown digs for an apartment more suited to…well, someone like Carrie Bradshaw.

Eventually, she totally rocks her new life in ways meant to both dazzle and inspire the largely female audience this film will be seeking.

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June 27 2008
The Forum Is Back!
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I’ve finally finished putting the forum back online! It has a new layout and a new script. I’m sorry but, you will have to re-register. Sadly, all posts were lost when the forum was hacked. Hope you enjoy the new look and forum!

Click here to visit the Sarah Jessica Central Forums..

June 23 2008
Entertainment Weekly (US) – May 23, 2008 Scans
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I’ve added scans from Entertainment Weekly (US) – May 23, 2008. I’m going to scan Vogue June 2008 next.


June 22 2008
Kristin-D.com Open!
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I know this really isn’t Sarah related but, I wanted to let you all know my new site for Sarah’s co-star from Sex and the City Kristin Davis is now open! That is why the last few days updates have been slow. I have been trying to get Kristin-D.com ready to open. Please go visit it as I hope it will soon be your best source for Kristin Davis.

June 16 2008
Marie Claire – July 2008
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As promised i’ve scanned the July 2008 issue of Marie Claire magazine. Sarah & the girls look lovely. Go pick up your copy now! 🙂


Also, just a small note… all comments and posts were deleted with the reinstall of wordpress. So if you commented before it was lost. Sorry.

June 15 2008
New Version!
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As you can see we have a new layout! I’m sorry the site was down but, I needed to update the script. Then I accidently deleted one of the core folders so I needed to take the site down for a few minutes. Anyway, I will be redoing some sections of the site to keep checking back for that. For now I hope you will enjoy this new version.