Sarah Jessica Parker To Launch Fragrance
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Former Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker has signed a new deal to develop her own line of fragrances. The brand name and the exact perfume scent are still works in progress, but the stylish star says the first perfume – to be issued by Coty Inc – will be “fresh.” She explains, “It’ll be intentionally quiet, not a very aggressive scent. It’s not a scent you’ll smell before a person walks in a room. I don’t want it to not have social skills! This is a part of my life I want to share with others… I really, really thought about it. I’ve been invited into women’s lives and I take that seriously.” Fragrance is something that has been important since her childhood. When she went to the hospital to give birth to her son, James, two years ago, Parker admits she brought her perfume because it’s an important part of her daily routine. She adds, “Fragrance is a necessity on days you don’t have time to shower.” The fragrance is expected to hit stores in the autumn.