‘Sex And The City’ Gets A Trilogy Movie Makeover?
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In a cute Upper Westside Manhattan apartment, Carrie Bradshaw is contemplating men, friends, shoes– and the possibility of a trilogy!

If you’ve been obsessively counting the days until “Sex And The City : The Movie” leaps from the small screen to the big one, then news of a possible “Sex” full-length trilogy should make you happier than Carrie Bradshaw at a half-priced Manolo sale. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and all their men, just might be appearing in more than one film, according to a report by Britain’s Daily Mail.

“The producers are already working on a script for a second movie, they are so convinced the first will be a hit,” an on-set source told the Daily Mail.

And it appears they are attempting to lock all the girls in for the full run.

“They are exercising the sequel option in all of the stars’ contracts. They want it to be a franchise and think they can stretch it over at least three movies,” the source added.

Dust off your cosmo shakers, “Sex And The City: The Movie” makes its debut in theaters in Spring 2008.