Q&A: New Movie, New Yorker
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Sarah recently sat down with the Associated Press and answered a couple of their questions. Check it out:

AP: So what attracted you to the “Morgans” role?

Sarah Jessica Parker: Hugh Grant. The idea of a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant.

AP: Would you class yourself as a New Yorker?

SJP: I would, I’ve lived there for 32 years now; it’s the only place I’ve lived as a grown up and it’s everything I know. My home’s there, my children, my extended family, my parents. I love a city, and I specifically love New York City, and I have from the very first moment I stepped foot on the island.

AP: How would you define a New Yorker?

SJP: Independent, candid, devoted, impatient, hospitable, proud.

AP: There’s a scene in the film where Grant’s character gives your character a CD of New York noises so that she can sleep. Do you share some of those feelings?

SJP: I really actually do, I have a problem with too much quiet — from the time I was a little girl, I think partially because I’m one of eight kids. It was always just chaos in my house. I always remember noise and for me, it’s honestly like a lullaby — the sound of sirens and taxis honking and people honestly screaming at each other, which we hear all the time. I love that.

To read the full article, click here.