Sarah is NOT Dead!
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I have received several emails from very upset SJP fans, and I just wanted to clear the air. Some less-mature guy (probably Perez Hilton) started a rumor that Sarah had died, but calm down everyone. It was just an April Fools joke! Sarah is alive and healthy and probably laughing about this somewhere 😉

April Fools’ is a day traditionally reserved for silliness worldwide — so sometimes it is therefore hard to separate the truth in reporting from all of the hoaxes. This one regarding “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker emerged late Wednesday night — that the actress was dead following a car crash and husband Matthew Broderick is in critical condition — is just as false as some recent “death reports” involving Miley Cyrus and Kanye West.

Where did all of this come from? Someone trying to pass as Perez Hilton initially reported the news, but it ultimately didn’t amount to much of anything. Parker is reportedly doing fine, and she will be soon getting ready to embark on a promotional tour for the latest “Sex and the City” movie.

So while some April Fools’ Day jokes can be funny, there are clearly some that cross the line into “disturbing” territory. What do you say about classifying this rumor in the latter and moving on?

Are you shocked that someone falsely reported about Sarah Jessica Parker’s death? Feel free to share your thoughts below and stay tuned for more of the latest news.