Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Ready for Babies
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The night before the news broke that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting twin girls via surrogate, Parker certainly looked like a mom-to-be: She was glowing and forgoing those famous Sex and the City cosmopolitans.

“She was in such a great mood, so sweet to everyone and so happy,” says a guest who attended the party at 675 Bar for Broderick’s film, Wonderful World, at the Tribeca Film Festival on Monday night. “They were tucked into a corner throughout the night. He drank martinis and she drank water. They were really loving and adoring. She did look beautiful.”

According to friends, the actress has been ready for more children for a long time. “They’ve always wanted to become parents again,” says a source who has known the couple for years. “They realized after the first or second year after [son James Wilkie] was born that it would be nice to have another baby.”

Though “they’ve always talked about wanting [more] kids, it just wasn’t happening,” says a pal of Broderick’s. Parker “had difficulty getting pregnant. So they went the surrogate route.”

Friends say the couple love the roles of Mom and Dad. “They are great parents,” says the source. “They have a good time with their son.” The source adds, “Matthew is very hands-on. He loves to get on the floor and play with James. He’s a kid himself so he loves to act like a kid with James. And James, of course, loves it.”

So how is Parker preparing for babies? This week, she stepped out to do a little shopping at the Manhattan toy store, Kidding Around. Perhaps she just needed to buy a few things in pink.

“I can’t wait to have ‘The Girl,’ ” she told Western Mail in 2003. “I’ve been saving all my things for her. Everything: crazy Judith Leiber handbags, Manolos…”