Sarah Jessica Parker: The Burger That Changed Our Lives
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For Sarah Jessica Parker, food usually involves family.

And the actresses’s family, which includes husband Matthew Broderick, son James Wilkie and twins Tabitha and Loretta, must have been very pleased with her latest meal: delicious, juicy burgers.

Taking a cue from New York Times food editor Sam Sifton’s recent article on making the perfect burger, SJP posted an Instagram photo of two perfect patties sizzling in a cast iron pan (per Sifton’s advice).

“Thank you @samsifton for changing our lives. We all have never loved a burger so much. This eve’s I cooked all by myself!” she captioned the mouth-watering shot.

So why a heavy cast-iron pan? Sifton says, “Cook outside if you like, heating the pan over the fire of a grill, but never on the grill itself. The point is to allow rendering beef fat to gather around the patties as they cook, like a primitive high-heat confit.”

For more helpful tips, Sifton called upon burger masters like The Chew’s Michael Symon, who recommended steering clear of the “lean” patties. “You want to get up around 30 percent fat,” said Symon, who warns against burger “shrinkage” and recommends home chefs try for blends that contain from 20 to 25 percent fat.

“The bun-to-burger ration is very important,” advised Symon. “You want a soft bun, like a challah or potato, but whichever you use it shouldn’t overwhelm the burger. They should be as one.”

To see the full burger recipe Sarah Jessica cooked up last night, click here.

Source – People