Sarah Jessica Parker: The Only Time My Daughters Take My Fashion Advice
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Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon. But the “Sex and the City” star, 48, admits to ABC News that her twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, both 4, don’t need or even want fashion advice from their mother.

“They are their own people, for the last two and half years, they have dressed themselves,” she told ABC at her launch for a Hallmark greeting card line. “Monday through Friday, they pick their own clothes.”

Parker said the only time she gets to help is “on the weekends if there is a special occasion, then I get a say in it.”

One would think that girls that have dressed themselves since they were 2 years old would result is some pretty creative, outrageous outfits and Parker agreed that’s exactly what’s happened.

“Of course!” she said. “But it’s not hurting anybody for them to express themselves that way and it’s fine. For school, whatever makes them feel good and heard is fine.”

In fact, the girls don’t even indulge in their mother’s closet, which must be a treasure trove of amazing items.

“They are interested in it for a minute then they lose interest just as quickly.”

One thing she has passed on to her children is her love for sending thoughtful notes.

“You send a note of gratitude, you send a note to say ‘Thank you,’ you send a note to check in with someone,” she said of her new card line.

She added that her children “cannot email ‘Thank yous.'” They have to sit, down, fill out a card and send it.

“Often my husband will say to me, ‘What do you want for a holiday or a birthday?’ and I’ll say ‘Really what I really want is a note, because that I will have forever,'” she said at her launch.

Source – ABC News