Sarah Jessica Parker Visits “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld
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In the newest episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the comedian picked up his friend Sarah Jessica Parker to take a drive in her new Ford Country Squire. “I can’t get over how gorgeous this is!” the actress, 49, gushed of the vintage vehicle. “I grew up in a car like this. I spent so much time in the back of that car … some really great times in my formative years.” Who knew? Here are a few other things about Parker that became clear in this video.

1. She Has a Lot in Common with Seinfeld
They even talk about it! “We’re both a little hyper-aware of little things,” he noted.

2. Her Mom Ran a Tight Ship
Not only did Parker talk about how her mom was “always in a rage — legitimately!” but she also told a story revealing how strict her mom could be. “Just the other neighborhood kids had [ice cream from a truck]. Not us. Not the Parker kids,” she said. “[We had a] half-gallon of Breyer’s, maybe, once every two to three months. And then it was gone in about 24 hours and my mom was like, [screaming] ‘Go easy on the ice cream!'”

3. She’s Right at Home in a Diner
Her order? A patty melt on rye bread and a chocolate egg cream. Oh, and she ate the pickle!

4. She Wears Reading Glasses!
You can see them in the video.

5. Seinfeld Thinks She’s a Bad Tipper
When the check came, Seinfeld picked up the $37 tab and then chastised Parker when she said to leave a $10 tip. “Because,” he said, “everyone’s gonna ask her, ‘Oh my God, you waited on Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker! How much did they tip you?’ What do you want her to say?” Parker smiled. “Twenty bucks?” she asked. Upon seeing how much the comedian ended up leaving (“Vulgar!” she exclaimed), Parker got a bit more serious. “It’s lovely,” she said. “I’m a total s***.”

6. She’s a Self-Described ‘Really Good Driver’
(Even though other cars honked at her on the highway.)

7. She’d Be Fun on Long Car Trips
Not only does she understand the value of an Etch-a-Sketch, Mad Libs and watercolors, but she can do Cat’s Cradle with string, too!

Source – ABC News