Should there be a SATC3?
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Entertainment Weekly has weighed the pros and cons of having a Sex and the City 3. What do you think?

And what about that next sequel, anyway? I have no doubt that going into this movie, Michael Patrick King, the witty and gifted modern-day screwball artisan who wrote and directed both films, believed that he had a winner on his hands. That, in fact, is where I think he made his biggest mistake: In SATC2, he sets up the Carrie/Big relationship so that the unconscious flaw in Carrie’s life is that, though she’s now married, she wants to go on acting single forever. What she’s avoiding, in a word (and this is right there in the movie – it’s not something I’m super- imposing on it), is the prospect of having children. And that’s what the movie should have at least pointed to by the end. King, however, obviously thought that he could save all of that Carrie-having-a-baby stuff for the next movie. He tried to stretch the franchise out like taffy. He may have stretched it until it broke.

I, for one, however, will go on the record and say: I am not tired of these ladies. I totally enjoyed Sex and the City 2 because I still relished the chance to bask in their quickness and silliness, their valor and confusion, their passion, their presence. I want to see what happens to them next…if there is a next.

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