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September 20 2014
“The Hollywood Reporter” Designer Issue Photoshoot Uploaded
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Hey everybody! I uploaded 3 outtakes of Sarah Jessica from the September 26th Designer Issue of “The Hollywood Reporter.” You can check out 2 previews below and all 3 full sized photos in the gallery. She looks amazing, doesn’t she? Magazine scans will be uploaded soon. Enjoy!

April 24 2014
Power of Women NY Honoree: Sarah Jessica Parker
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002When Sarah Jessica Parker says she plans to help inject a modern, fresh feeling into the New York City Ballet by marrying the worlds of fashion and ballet, it’s a wild idea that immediately makes sense. Not just because the ballet is full of spectacle and theater, but because, face it: This is Sarah Jessica Parker, fashion icon and accomplished actress.

“I wanted to think about that next generation, how we were going to reach out to new audience members,” says Parker, who started working with the ballet in 1995, when she chaired the annual Dance With the Dancers event.

Trained in ballet herself, Parker has had a lifelong admiration for dance. But anyone familiar with her public persona knows that she’s also well-versed with the fashion world — which moved its Fashion Week tents into the NYBC’s Lincoln Center back yard in 2010, right around the time when Parker joined the ballet’s board of directors.

001More recently, she brought in fashion world A-listers like Valentino as well as new, young designers to create costumes for ballets in the hopes of sparking interest in that next generation.

Additionally, last November, Parker conceived and produced a documentary for AOL on Originals, “City.ballet,” a 10-part Web series that goes where cameras have never before been allowed — behind the scenes at the NYCB. “It’s about understanding a dancer’s life, and helping people who thought it was this rarefied art form understand that it’s athletic, coupled with extraordinary artistry,” she says.

Parker also gives her time to other charities, but it’s the NYCB that has captured much of her heart and attention. “Any time you can integrate arts into someone’s lives, they feel better for it,” she says. “It’s important to us as people, as Americans, to allow ourselves to appreciate the art form. We know that to be true.”

Source – Variety

June 30 2011
Sarah Jessica Parker Named 2011 Will Rogers Institute’s Summer Theatrical PSA Spokesperson
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What an honor! Sarah has been named the spokesperson of Will Rogers Institute’s Summer Theatrical PSA! A photoshoot image has been released, which you can view by clicking on the image to the left, and you can read more about it below. Enjoy!

The Will Rogers Institute named Sarah Jessica Parker as its 2011 Summer Theatrical PSA Spokesperson. The fundraising campaign, happening in movie theaters across the United States, is a time-honored tradition that began in 1936 and featured James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis in the first public service announcement.

Throughout the summer, movie patrons donate to WRI by giving their spare change, making a special purchase at participating movie theaters or making a one-time donation by texting WRI to 85994. The money that is collected funds pulmonary research laboratories, medical school fellowships, neonatal ventilators for children’s hospitals and free educational materials. The summer campaign runs through Labor Day weekend. For more information, visit www.wrinstitute.org or call toll-free 888-994-3863.

October 31 2010
Photoshoots update
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September 14 2010

September 14 2010

September 11 2010

May 17 2010
New EW Portrait
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Entertainment Weekly has added exclusive portraits of the SATC girls, and there is one of Sarah! Check it out by clicking the image to the left.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER on what’s going on with Carrie and Big in SATC 2
”Carrie has worked very hard — she’s really been committed to this marriage. They’ve been married for two years. She’s spent a lot of time making a home for them. She has immersed herself in the idea of being a wife, but it’s such a new concept for her and she has to redefine it in her own way.” But then something pops into her head that triggers ”her conflict with tradition and convention,” Parker continues. ”It’s the perfect storm for her to then run into Aidan.”

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