Welcome to Sarah Jessica Parker Online, your online resource for everything Sarah Jessica Parker since 2005. Sarah is best known for her roles in "Hocus Pocus", "Honeymoon in Vegas", "Mars Attacks!", "Sex and the City", "I Don't Know How She Does It", and her new "Sex and the City" continuation series, "And Just Like That...". Here you will find the latest news, information, photos, media and more!
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May 07 2024
On Hiatus Until Further Notice
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This site will be on hiatus until late Summer/early Fall. We will remain online as a fan source for Sarah Jessica Parker. Please follow us on X.com for news and updates about SJP. Sorry for any inconvenience.

March 17 2023
Sarah Jessica Parker Online is Relaunched!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀 Surprise, I put our site online early! I have finished merging our old gallery with our new one. I also added a bunch of newer photoshoots that our old gallery didn’t have. The only section I haven’t converted over is public appearances. I am replacing all of those with better quality photos. I will start batch adding those soon. Our career pages are still offline. I am going to wait until I get that section in our photo gallery a little more complete. It shouldn’t take too long. Our site header is by Megan and the coding is by KaciElizabeth! I hope that you love it as much as I do! Previews of everything added and gallery links below.

November 13 2013
2013 Public Appearances + New Co-Web
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Hello everybody! First off, I want to introduce myself. I am Eric and I am the new co-web here at Sarah Jessica Parker Central. I have been running fan sites for about 5 years now. Some of mine include: The Bradley Cooper Network, Stana Katic Fan, Kerry Washington Archives, and Jennifer Aniston Online. I am so excited that Vanessa has let me come on board and help out with the site. I am a long-time fan of Sarah Jessica, as well as this site.

I will updating the gallery a lot of over the next few weeks. To start off, I decided to uploaded additional photos of Sarah Jessica from all the public appearances she made in 2013. Vanessa already uploaded a few events, but I uploaded additional photos to those albums, as well as photos that were missing. You can now check out 1,092 MQ and HQ photos of Sarah Jessica in total from her 2013 public appearances. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more updates!

Gallery Links
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 06: amfAR New York Gala – Arrivals
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 06: amfAR New York Gala – Show & Inside
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 08: 30th Anniversary Miami Rhapsody Cast Reunion
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 10: EE British Academy Film Awards – Arrivals
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 10: EE British Academy Film Awards – Press Room
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 10: EE British Academy Film Awards – After Party
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 25: 10th Annual Love ‘N’ Courage Benefit
Public Appearances > 2013 > Feb 26: Holocaust Memorial Museum 20th Anniversary Reception
Public Appearances > 2013 > Mar 04: Academy Of The Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards
Public Appearances > 2013 > Mar 27: Target At Shoppers World Danforth
Public Appearances > 2013 > Apr 16: Calzedonia Summer Show Forever Together
Public Appearances > 2013 > Apr 30: AOL 2013 Digital Content NewFront
Public Appearances > 2013 > May 06: “PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala
Public Appearances > 2013 > May 08: Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner
Public Appearances > 2013 > Jun 10: Marie Claire’s Women Taking The Lead Luncheon
Public Appearances > 2013 > Jun 10: The Apollo Theater’s 8th Annual Spring Gala Concert
Public Appearances > 2013 > Jun 25: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – Press Night
Public Appearances > 2013 > Jun 26: Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
Public Appearances > 2013 > Sep 05: Lexus Design Disrupted Fashion Event
Public Appearances > 2013 > Sep 19: New York City Ballet 2013 Fall Gala
Public Appearances > 2013 > Sep 25: “The Commons Of Pensacola” Off Broadway Cast Photocall
Public Appearances > 2013 > Nov 04: “city.ballet” Series New York Premiere

November 19 2012
Sarah Jessica: I’m No Fashion Icon
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I am gathering pictures to catch the gallery up. For now I will make sure this page is up-to-date with the latest news.

Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw is considered a fashion icon to many women, but the woman who played her says she doesn’t identify.

“It’s not an identity that I … connect to. I’m grateful if anyone says anything kind, and if they say something less kind, I take that as a part of anyone talking about you at all,” Sarah Jessica Parker told PEOPLE on Wednesday night at the Barneys New York and Walt Disney Company ‘Electric Holiday’ launch. “It’s not how I think of myself and I think it’s probably the healthier approach.”

Don’t get her wrong — the actress still appreciates a good outfit. “I love beautiful things,” she said, “and I’m privileged to borrow a beautiful dress. I feel really lucky and I genuinely enjoy it. I feel like [fashion] has a proper place in my life.”

But let’s just say you won’t catch her in a tutu at the grocery store. “It’s just not a reality — not when you have three kids and you go to the market and there are hungry people at home. You have a limited time to do it. There’s just no time to let vanity enter into that,” she said.

Read more…

October 20 2012
We Have A New Layout!
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After over a year with the last layout we finally have a new layout! I used one of my favorite photoshoots of Sarah. I will be making a new layout for the gallery as well very soon. Also, I will catch everything up on the site very soon. Expect lots of new pictures and new content! I hope that you like the new look. Feedback is always welcome!

May 22 2011
“Knickerbocker” Opening Night
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Hi everyone! If you don’t remember me, my name is Chelsa and I use to work here at this fabulous site. I am so thankful to Rachel for letting me come on board again and help her out! To start off with, Sarah recently attended the opening night of “Knickerbocker” on the 19th. Images have been added to the gallery, so go check them out!

Gallery Links:
Home > Public Appearances > 2011 > “Knickerbocker” Opening Night

January 28 2011
New Layout/Website Updates
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We have a beautiful new layout here and a matching one at the gallery. It was made by the very talented, Mycah! As posted previously, I am working hard to get this site organized. I updated the filmography and biography pages. I also organized most of the other pages. I still have more to do. I will be doing an affiliate check shortly. I really hope that you all like the new layout as much as I do! I have a small gallery update for you. A few days ago I added some photoshoots that we didn’t have.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots – Session #40
– Photoshoots – Session #41
– Photoshoots – Session #42
– Photoshoots – Session #43
– Photoshoots – Session #44

January 25 2011
Old Owner Back
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Hello, my name is Samantha… you may remember me. I am the original owner of Sarah Jessica Central. Daria has decided to step down and has handed the site back over to me. I missed working on this website so much! Over the next few days I will be organizing the site. Please excuse any errors. We will have new layouts and tons of updates coming soon! Please keep checking back for all the latest news and updates on Sarah.