Sarah Jessica Parker Is About to Get More Lovely
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Sarah is releasing 3 new fragrance in a collection known as The Lovely Collection. Thanks to Beth for letting me know!

The Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance empire is expanding. Her first scent, Lovely, was an enormous success that led to a complex scent called Covet. That one is no longer in most stores, and she’s still working on a genderless scent. But beginning in February, she’ll extend the Lovely line to include three new scents based on the concept of time: Dawn, Endless, and Twilight (no relation to the vampire series of the same name).

“Dawn is the fresh and clean scent,” Parker told WWD. “Its inspiration was morning, sunrise. It’s about enjoying those few moments for yourself, stepping out and welcoming what the day has to bring your way. Endless is the fruity, floral scent. The inspiration for this one was those moments you find yourself in a state of pure happiness, loving life. And Twilight is the sexy, musky scent. This one is for those moments of intimacy, of love, and being close. It’s slightly complex and mysterious.”

To see previews of SJP in the ad campaign, read more.
Known as The Lovely Collection, the scents will be available in February, launching on HSN and then moving to Ulta and other stores. Each one will be available as an eau de parfum ($38–$58) and a body lotion ($28), and each will receive its own marketing and advertising push. Will SJP be able to pull off another fragrance success? In this economy, nothing is certain — but her track record is pretty solid.

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