SJP Says ‘Sex And The City’ Cast Is ‘Talking About’ A Sequel
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The leaves are falling, and the turkey is practically in the oven. Yes, according to the calendar, it’s time to take stock and give thanks. So that’s precisely what we’re doing by talking to the actors and filmmakers that made 2008 a memorable year at the movies — a year filled with self-loathing kick-ass superheroes, Manolo-wearing women and the return of a very familiar man in a hat.

How does a TV series 10 years past its premiere and four years past its final episode become the film event of the year for virtually every woman in the country? Credit Sarah Jessica Parker and “Sex and the City” writer/director Michael Patrick King. After a series of false starts and an abandoned script meant to film immediately after the conclusion of the HBO series, “Sex and the City” returned triumphantly to the forefront of popular culture thanks to a film that broke box-office records right from the start: biggest romantic-comedy opening of all time, biggest R-rated opening of all time and biggest opening for any film starring a woman, to rattle off just a few of the impressive feats.

MTV News looked back with that very woman, Sarah Jessica Parker, for an exclusive conversation about the year that was 2008 and to get a sneak peak at the plans for a “Sex and the City” sequel.

MTV: The release and excitement surrounding “Sex and the City” felt more like an event on the scale of a superhero flick than a romantic comedy.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The one thing I regret is I never roamed around Manhattan and saw it [with the crowds]. I was too embarrassed about getting caught. I was afraid it would look like I was gloating. I do regret not seeing all those ladies — and some men — dressed up in their finery. But it was thrilling to hear about.

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